Privacy policy

The Provider respects the privacy of every individual who is our customer, visits our web sites, responds to our interactive advertisements, or sends us e-mail. The information that we collect will be used according to the law. We may collect your information for processing your order, providing you with the service or to improve our service. The Provider will not share the data of customers and web site visitors with any third party.


Third Party Disclosure

Cheap Canada vps transfers personal information to third parties under the following normal business procedures:

Cheap Canada vps discloses the full name, billing address, and credit card account information of its customers to a third party merchant processing provider for billing purposes. Cheap Canada vps does not disclose customer information to other third parties except where required under applicable state and federal laws for purposes of investigation of criminal complaints, or where required by court order.

Cheap Canada vps discloses the billing address, network IP address, and a partial credit card number (for issuing bank identification purposes) of customers to a third party as part of the sign-up process for fraud detection purposes.


Unmanaged Service

Customers bear sole responsibility for maintaining the security of virtual private server (VPS) environments maintained under their accounts. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring compliance with any and all applicable privacy guidelines and regulations for all jurisdictions in which they may operate with respect to appropriate practices for the collection, storage, and dissemination of personal information using their Cheap Canada vps VPS system. In no event shall Cheap Canada vps be held liable for a Customer’s failure to adopt and/or practice appropriate measures for safeguarding personal information stored within or transmitted through their VPS.



The Provider collects anonymous usage information on visitors to Cheap Canada vps site through use of Google Analytics. This service may employ third party tracking cookies to gather anonymous browser, operating system, geographic, ISP, language, and web site navigation information.

Cookies are also required for authenticating and accessing the customer area and VPS control panel.

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